George Adams Audio

Music Technology

Recording: Classical Guitar

9th March 2015 Using Ribbon Microphones Today in the studio I was recording one of my Music Technology course-mates Jack Hudson playing classical acoustic guitar. If you’d like check out Jack’s Soundcloud page please CLICK HERE. ??????????? When miking the guitar I used a pair of Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphones. Ribbon microphones do not require phantom power but I found the mikes to have a very low output which had to be compensated for with a lot of gain. ??????????? The two microphones are a stereo matched pair so they work well in conjunction with one-another. I placed one microphone on the left to capture the sound from body of the guitar and the other on the right in front of the neck. ??????????? I then placed these two signals far left and right in the stereo field to produce a wide stereo image of the guitar. The guitar actually has a built in transducer but I decided not to use it.

Results Aside from panning, the audio in the example below has not been processed in any way.


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