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New Argonauts’ Song- One Yellow Line

One Yellow Line Image

A bit of context-

As you may or may not know I am a member of a band called The Argonauts. We put out our new song ‘One Yellow Line’ on the 1st of January 2015 via The Argonauts’ Bandcamp. It is free to download, along with our entire discography which is also free. Just saying.The Artwork above was created by our friend Kerr Mcilwraith who creates his artwork under the name Pen etc. I met Kerr when we were both at Sixth Form College. This is a link to Pen etc. ‘s Tumblr and Pen etc. ‘s Facebook Page and I highly recommend taking a look at his work. As a band we haven’t released any music for a long many time due to a collection of reasons. Firstly, our drummer Dan Thomson is away from home travelling, currently he lives in New Zealand so keeping in contact with him proves difficult enough, let alone attempting musical collaboration of any kind. On top of that Joe Wenden, Jake Murray and I each attend different universities dotted around the country. The only time we could find was during the summer in 2014 when we were home from University.


Previously as a band the writing/recording process has consisted of rehearsing together for hours on end, gathering a set of songs and then paying to go to a studio to record. This time round however things were quite different, I think it is fair to say I took on the role as a producer and recording engineer and we recorded most of the audio for the track between two bedrooms in my parent’s house using an M-Audio- M-Track Quad interface and Pro Tools 11. I recorded the original heavily distorted riff through my Dad’s old Fender Deluxe Reverb, added some MIDI backing instruments like the Drum machine, Piano and Organ and then showed it to the rest of the band. We then overdub Jake’s Bass and Joe’s guitar riffs in any free time we could find around our summer jobs. Then come September I traveled, laptop in hand, back to Coventry University where I am studying Music Technology. I overdubbed my lead Vocals on the luxury of an AKG C414 in one of the University Studios. Come November I invited Jake to come down from his University (Sheffield) and recorded his backing vocals.

Deluxe Reverb

One of my favorite elements of the song is the effects pedal I used on an overdubbed guitar track. It was an old Boss Tremolo pedal that has a stereo setting which rapidly pans the signal in a stereo effect between left and right. This features heavily over the choruses and the outro of the song and almost sounds like some kind of synthesizer. The rate of this panning changes near the end of the song and this proved difficult to perform in real time having to use one hand to turn the dial whilst still holding the chord.

Tremolo Pedal


I mixed the song in between various studios at Coventry University. At one stage I invited one of my lecturers into the studio and he pointed out what was and wasn’t working in my mix and various techniques for improvement. Mixing in the University also meant I had access to the luxury of routing some of the guitar tracks through a 1968 Drawmer Compressor.


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